GMS - Registration

GMS - Registration

The Game Management System (GMS) is the RFU's / England Rugby's central database through which players (and club members) are registered, pay their club membership subscriptions, coaches and referees are registered and their training records maintained, fixtures are arranged and results recorded (for the 15-a-side game only) and much, much more.

This is a three stage process which must be completed every season:

1. Log on or register onto GMS and:
a. For Adult Players and Social , register your details or check existing details
b. For Mini and Youth parents, register yourself and then add your child(ren)'s details or check existing details.
Important: GMS Registration will not complete until your validate your email address.

2. Affiliate to play
a. For Adults (men) Players, affiliate as player unless already registered as a player
b. For Adult (Ladies) affiliate as player unless already registered as a player
c. All Age Grade Players to affiliate or re-affiliate as player.

3. Purchase your Club membership for the season. This is done through GMS via "Add Membership" which is separate from and independent of RFU Registration/Affiliation.

Login in to the Club GMS here.

Don't know your GMS login credentials. Follow the Lost Password procedure on the GMS Login Page or, if that doesn't work, ask your Age Group/Team Admin or contact Doug Kay (07803078445 - WhatsApp).

Brand New Members and Players, Register on the GMS using Create Account
Keep your login credentials safe, you will need them again.

Families who are already members: Login and Update your family details.

Helpful information on all of the above can be found on the England Rugby site here:


GMS Sponsorship Membership Guidance Note


GMS Registration Guidance Note