Representative Honours
  1. Men
  2. Ladies
Representative Honours
  1. Men
  2. Ladies
Representative Honours 1 of 2

1. Men


Brian Reeve (Barbarians; British Army; Combined Services; England Trials.)1949-1951; 1949-1950; 1949-1950; 1950.

G. M. Thompson (England Trials; English Universities) 1955; 1956

John Elders (England Trials; Barbarians; England Head Coach)1956; 1958; 1972-1974

Colin Marfitt-Smith (Jamaica) 1964*

John Lively (Bahamas) 1964*

Richard Millbank (England Schools) 1981-1982

David Conway (England Schools, England Universities & Bermuda, Captain) 1982-1983, 1984-1986, 19??

Mick Smith (England Schools) 1982-1983

Jim Pollock (Scotland, Barbarians & British Police) 1982-1985, 1982-1983, 1986-1989

Graham Ward (British Police) 1986-1987

Nasser Hussain (India, Captain) 2002-2004

Andy Grierson (India) 2003-2004

Chris Ward (England Colleges Trials) 2013

Fanda Vohanka (Czech Republic U20) 2012-14

Jan Safranek (Czech Republic U18) 2013-2015

Alex Westgarth (England Universities) 2015-2016

Charlie Smith (England U18) 2021-2022

* In 1964 two stalwarts of Novos rugby met in unusual circumstances. "Mr. Colin Marfitt-Smith who is teaching in Jamaica has been appointed Vice-Captain of the Jamaican XV. In a recent match with the Bahamas XV he found himself playing against John Lively, an old school friend." Both Colin and John had been members of the same school XV in 1959. (From the school magazine, Novo 1965)


* Selected whilst playing for Novocastrians

Percy Phillips (North East Counties - Cumberland & Northumberland v Australia at St. James' Park) 1908

E. P. Wilson (Combined Northumberland & Durham v South Africa at Roker Park) 1931

E. Paulin (Combined Northumberland & Durham v New Zealand) 1935

G. H. 'Bill' Bailey (Combined Northumberland & Durham v New Zealand) 1935

Brian Reeve(North East Counties v South Africa at the County Ground, Gosforth) 1951

Brian Reeve (Combined Northumberland & Durham) 1953

Eric Reeve (Combined Northumberland & Durham) 1953

G. M. Thompson (Northern Counties v South African Universities) 1957

John Elders (North of England) 1959

John Elders (North East Counties v South Africa) 1960

Gordon Forster (North of England)

V. S. Crew (North East Counties)

Chris Ward (North of England Colleges) 2013

Jack Ribton (North of England U18’s) 2022

Sion Gittins (North of England U20’s) 2023

Oxbridge Varsity:

G. H. 'Bill' Bailey (Cambridge Blue) 1931

Brian Reeve (Cambridge Blue) 1950-1951


*Selected whilst playing for Novocastrians

Percy Phillips (Northumberland Senior) 1907-1909

Buck Stewart (Northumberland Senior) 1908-1913

W. Dixon(Northumberland Senior) 1909-1912

U. Alexander (Northumberland Senior) 1909-1914

S.M.Atkinson (Northumberland Senior) 1910

C.O.Shackleton (Northumberland Senior) 1910-1913

W.Dickinson (Northumberland Senior) 1911

F.Metcalfe (Northumberland Senior) 1912

R.N.McKenzie (Northumberland Senior) 1913-1914

T.Kirsopp (Northumberland Senior) 1913-1919

J.Waggott (Northumberland Senior) 1914-1919

C. Paige-Arnold (Northumberland Senior) 1919-1920

G. Taylor (Northumberland Senior) 1919-1920

Arthur Norton (Northumberland Senior) 1922-1924

Hugo Jacobs (Northumberland Senior) 1923

H. F. Clements (Northumberland Senior) 1924-1925

C. E. Wootten (Northumberland Senior) 1925

W. S. Paulin (Northumberland Senior) 1927

A. R. B. Polson (Northumberland Senior) 1927-1931

T. E. Archbold (Northumberland Senior) 1929

D.R. Cawood (Northumberland Senior) 1930

H.F. Jay (Northumberland Senior) 1930

D.E. Patterson (Northumberland Senior) 1930

W. L. Patterson (Northumberland Senior) 1930-1933

E. P. Wilson (Northumberland Senior) 1931

G. H. 'Bill' Bailey (Northumberland Senior, Captain) 1932-1936

J. W. Martin (Northumberland Senior) 1932-1933

E. K. Ferry (Northumberland Senior) 1932-1933

H. Bewick (Northumberland Senior) 1933

E. Paulin (Northumberland Senior, Captain) 1934-1938

D. F. Barton (Northumberland Senior) 1934

A. C. Barker (Northumberland Senior) 1934-1938

Dr. R. B. Martin (Northumberland Senior) 1936

J. Dobson (Northumberland Senior) 1937

F. S. Glassow (Northumberland Senior) 1938

G. J. Cutting (Northumberland Senior) 1946

Ray Dobson (Northumberland Senior) 1946

T. G. Linell (Northumberland Senior) 1946

D. V. Salkeld (Northumberland Senior, Captain) 1946

A. C. Taylor (Northumberland Senior) 1947

J. L. Armstrong (Northumberland Senior) 1947

Brian Reeve (Northumberland Senior) 1948-1954

Eric Reeve (Northumberland Senior) 1950-1952

A.G. M. Sinton (Northumberland Senior) 1950

Lord Peter Taylor (Northumberland Senior, Captain) 1951-1957

R.J. Harrison (Northumberland Senior) 1952

G. M. Thompson (Northumberland Senior) 1954-1957

F. Wills (Northumberland Senior) 1956

John Elders (Northumberland Senior, Captain) 1959-1960

B. Bellwood (Northumberland Senior) 1959-1960

A.R. Taylor (Durham Senior) 1959

C. Marfitt-Smith (Northumberland Senior) 1961-1962

J. M. Lively (Northumberland Senior) 1962-1964

J. R. Scott (Northumberland Senior) 1962

V. S. Crew (Northumberland Senior) 1964-1965

I. J. Watson (Northumberland Senior) 1965

Gordon ‘Rocky’ Forster (Durham Senior) 1965-1966

W. R. Dempster (Northumberland Senior) 1970-1971

Andy Marwick (Northumberland Senior) 1986-1993

Mark Christopher (Northumberland Senior) 1986-1988

Jim Pollock (Northumberland Senior) 1986-1993

Graham Ward (Northumberland Senior) 1987-1995

Simon Johnson (Northumberland Senior) 1992-1993

Johnny Brown (Durham Senior) 1992-1994

Sam Busby (Northumberland Senior) 2016-2017

Aedan Moloney (Northumberland Senior) 2016

Jonny Ward (Northumberland Senior) 2016

Jeremy Nash (Northumberland Senior) 2017

Ryan Gibson (Northumberland Senior) 2023