Club bye-law number 9

"Subscriptions shall be payable to the treasurer, Novocastrians RFC Ltd prior to the 31st October in each season. Members whose subscriptions are unpaid on this date shall not be considered for selection. Members whose subscriptions are unpaid on 31st December shall cease to be members of the club"

Subscriptions are an integral and substantial part of the club income. Without this income the club could not survive. The cost for male players is divided over 12 monthly payments of £16 (£8 for students) payable by direct debit to the club account to give a guaranteed income over the quiet summer months. The cost covers membership and match fees, so resulting in a saving when compared to the subscription of £75 and weekly match fees of £4 when balanced out over a season, and also maintains a cash free system for managers on a Saturday. The rate for ladies is £12 per month (students £6). This also ensures that all members are fully insured to play.

Please see hon. subscription secretaries:

Tim Bowman, Gail Everitt, Andy Palmer(youth) to get your subs paid.

Paying by Direct Debit through GMS platform is the best way for the club to ensure revenue all year round and its cheaper too!!